final moments day 365 March 18, 2011

I truly can’t believe this was two years ago today and that we did it, we actually followed through 100%.  It’s something I will always be proud of and so happy it happened.  I gained a lifelong friend from this photo project.


and 365. I had a few ideas for my last moment, but in the end just really wanted to send you my  love…so decided to blow you kisses, camera in hand, heart full of gratitude and love… The cabin alcove with the mirror was kinda dark, but I just went with it.

let’s talk soon dear friend. we should do a toast to each other and our accomplishment sometime with each of us pouring a glass of wine (or a cup of tea!) and them talking on the phone. : )

I love you Cali mama, xoxo ~ A., Indy mama

365 – The last and final moment. We did it Angela!   Just like I mentioned to you, in celebration of our final moment I got my nose pierced! 

The next thing we should do is have a nice long conversation on the phone.  I think we are due, I also think we will miss each others moments so much that talking on the phone on a somewhat regular basis will become our next big thing;)

 Much love


Tracie, California Mama


day and moment 364 March 17, 2011 (St. Pat’s) and our final day to be revealed on Monday!!

364364~ Thurs. while the rest of us played shuffle board with some friends who came to visit with us at the st. park Coco played on the jungle gym, and Asa climbed up on top of it and started doing what he does…texting! I looked up and had to snap this. I thought it might be interesting for you to see how far we still have yet to go to reach full on spring time, our trees here and in Ohio are still bare. But the daffodils are starting to bloom…

364 – Another angle of the 1000 crane project.  We made our crane out of newspaper and hung it with some other treasures.

day and moment no. 363 2011….two more days

363363 ~ Wed. evening after we had unpacked and started to settle into the cabin, I noticed this wonderful light resting on Yoda, Yoda is a  superstar with my crew, especially jasper! he had to bring his game
with him.

 363 –  Little left over love in my garden.  


day and moment 362 March 15, 2011

362362 ~ Tues. evening spirits were high in our house because we were packing up for our trip, i snapped this moment of E giving Ellie some sweet lovin.

362 – This morning the sunrise was pretty, I missed all the bright pink colors before I pulled my camera out but here is the pretty hearts against the sunrise. 


day and moment 361 only four days left and our year project from two years back will be DONE

361Angela and I have talked recently about doing one more 365 together.  We saw how much our children grew when we did this two years ago, we also improved in our photography.  It’s something we are still talking through. 

361 Today was a little tense, all the kiddos were just off, fussing and arguing with each other…my moment of peace was when i went to feed and check on my neighbor friend’s chickens. I am chicken sitting till we leave wed. and these pretty ladies brought me a sweet moment of peace, and five eggs!

361 –   Again sooooo busy that by the time I took my first picture of the day it was after dinner when I went out to the garage and Rich was organizing his tools…so here you go!


day and moment 359 March 12, 2011

Happy Birthday CoCo!  Our littlest girls both have March birthdays 4 days apart!

359359 ~ A birthday moment for you! Coco had a lovely day, even with the sadness my mama carries with her( she is so depressed, she has been without work for almost two years…) and so we all had a good time because Coco really delighted in her day.

Love you Cali mama ~
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox ~A.

 359 – I wish  I would have been more with it and did something cool for Coco’s birthday but again two early soccer games and Saturday was CRAZY, I picked up abbie from her friends house and she thought we needed starbucks, I first said no cause I didn’t want to spend money but then changed my mind, glad I did, it was yummy and I have not had one in a  while AND I made a snack, my starbucks next to my snack.

 love you sister

and big PEACE I’m sending  you, enjoy your spring break.