March 24, 2010 Day 7

My picture today I discovered on my pillow last night. When I was

working, Gaia embroidered this little message for me, and then left it

for me to find when I crawled into bed. Be still my mama heart…: )


Hoping you felt

your blessings today, friend.

I know I called this project moments but a nice little fraction of my pix have been from the morning and this one is from this morning.

Hope your getting more sunshine today and spring flowers are popping up under your feet.






March 23, 2010 Day 6

This picture is carrying how I felt today.

I was standing at the window soaking up the warm afternoon sun with my

mango smoothie, feeling just right with the world…grateful, and at

peace, celebrating the return of the warm sunshine after yesterday’s

weepy skies. So I snatched up my camera and without even trying to

figure out how to take a picture of myself with my left hand holding

the camera, I just clicked it!

Hope you’re smiling…: )

You did put a smile on my face. Today my picture has to do with some dirt we made, I had my son hold some in his hands to show you.


March 22, 2010 Day 5

today it rained all day long…

giving me a good reason to make curried coconut cauliflower

soup…today I embraced the grey, and savored the rain that brings the

green…and the flowers…

This quote: ‘Slow down Ivy, slow down…for this is the taste of

spring.” From the book ~ Fair and Tender Ladies ~ by Lee Smith, has

clung to me for so many years.

Wishing you spring’s renewal!


Guess what I got in the mail today?  The book, the gently used book, it’s slightly used and has a personal note inside that was meant for someone else, makes it more special to me so I took a picture of the cover and the inside inscription.    This is where it all started, this cool book.

Take care my friend, I think this little project has inspired some creativity for me I hope it’s doing the same for you.


March 21, Day 4

I am sending this picture to you because I spent a chunk of time today

living in the pages of my journal. I really needed to reflect and

reevaluate some choices and refresh some of my aspirations for my life

this year. Mostly, I needed to hear my own voice. It’s easy for me to

get lost in the shuffle of my big family and when I do I get cranky

and have a tendency to eat my emotions, which leaves me sad and

frustrated… So today I had some time to myself while the rest of the

family went to the library.

Last week besides crying in the meeting I sat at the dentist office and cried as they told me they could tell I was stressed because of the condition of my gums:( They know I have been brushing because the lack of plaque build up was evidence that I take good care of my teeth.  I’m really naturally quiet and I don’t like conflict of any kind so I internalize lots of feelings…very bad for my body, very bad.

Here is my picture from this morning.  I took a picture of my favorite bowl.  We call it the bread bowl because I keep all our bread in it!






March 20, Day 3


I had the blessing of a walk in a nearby forest with most of my family

yesterday morning, in celebration of the 1st day of spring! These

flowers were just starting to peak out from the forest floor, so

delicate and fragile-looking

We were in the back yard this evening and Rich looked over and said “I need to mow the lawn tomorrow”  so I  notice how cool it looks growing out all patchy some long, some short and the sun.









Day 2

I thought I would send you a little of our spring

sweetness. Our neighbor’s daffodils are just starting to bloom and she

brought my kiddos a small bouquet when I was working last night.

Jasper put his in an old vitamin bottle from our recycling and when I

sat down to do paperwork and bills this morning at our table, it was

glowing in the early morning light.

I got breakfast ready for the kids this morning I glanced over and saw one of our cat’s, Brighteyes enjoying the morning sun at our kitchen window.  I thought her profile looked regal  and took a quick shot.