March 21, Day 4

I am sending this picture to you because I spent a chunk of time today

living in the pages of my journal. I really needed to reflect and

reevaluate some choices and refresh some of my aspirations for my life

this year. Mostly, I needed to hear my own voice. It’s easy for me to

get lost in the shuffle of my big family and when I do I get cranky

and have a tendency to eat my emotions, which leaves me sad and

frustrated… So today I had some time to myself while the rest of the

family went to the library.

Last week besides crying in the meeting I sat at the dentist office and cried as they told me they could tell I was stressed because of the condition of my gums:( They know I have been brushing because the lack of plaque build up was evidence that I take good care of my teeth.  I’m really naturally quiet and I don’t like conflict of any kind so I internalize lots of feelings…very bad for my body, very bad.

Here is my picture from this morning.  I took a picture of my favorite bowl.  We call it the bread bowl because I keep all our bread in it!







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