March 22, 2010 Day 5

today it rained all day long…

giving me a good reason to make curried coconut cauliflower

soup…today I embraced the grey, and savored the rain that brings the

green…and the flowers…

This quote: ‘Slow down Ivy, slow down…for this is the taste of

spring.” From the book ~ Fair and Tender Ladies ~ by Lee Smith, has

clung to me for so many years.

Wishing you spring’s renewal!


Guess what I got in the mail today?  The book, the gently used book, it’s slightly used and has a personal note inside that was meant for someone else, makes it more special to me so I took a picture of the cover and the inside inscription.    This is where it all started, this cool book.

Take care my friend, I think this little project has inspired some creativity for me I hope it’s doing the same for you.



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