April 1, 2010 Day 15

This day has been so full of beautiful moments @ here. I am sending one to you from  early this morning, the sweet light reached all the way across my bedroom to shower the bouquet I made yesterday with gorgeous light.

With Love from all the way over here in Indiana!


This morning I took pictures of my roses that are now getting a little old but Abbie and I picked up daffodils yesterday that had those orange centers, I just added them to my roses and I wanted to take a picture.

You have no idea how much your board makes me smile and when I make mine I will show you.

P.S. that rain….in never came;)

PEACE, love and so much happiness to you.

Your California Friend








March 31, 2010 – Day 14

Being out in the country all day left me with a deep longing for all that was not meant to be…at least not again, right away. So, to honor my day, I am offering up this  picture of my dearest old neighbor. We called her Daisy (her real name was so funky, I can’t even spell it!)  I could see her from all the windows on the south side of our old house, she was a constant. A calming, beautiful, peace bringing, grass chomping, fun and sometimes feisty friend. She seemed more than happy to pose for the picture today!

Hoping your day was full of sweetness…and maybe rain?

I had a moment of sun this morning but it was so brief I almost missed the picture.  It was another cat picture so I will spare you that moment:)  Instead I will give you a moment of me cooking dinner for tonight.

xoxo lots of love


March 30, 2010 – Day 13

Co-Co and I scrubbed a bathroom, mopped some floors AND got to the bottom of a full basket of laundry and when we put the last load in the washer…the sun filled the basket with it’s gorgeous self ! I laughed out loud when I saw the sunlight and thought of us…and RAN to get my camera!!

Hope your day was full of light and sweetness…

Abbie and I decided but mostly Abbie that you should have our moment of homework.

Take Care my far away friend –  T



March 29, 2010 Day 12

I decided to go with the one photo moment that held the best glimpse of our day. We really inhaled as much fresh spring air and soaked up as much healing spring sun as possible!

Blessings to you and yours, your gardens, and your kitties! : )

Okay so I’m officially addicted to morning light mixed with my cat’s (Bright Eyes in particular)  This morning, I know you can hardly see her sweet face but just look at that powerful morning sunlight behind her!

Wishing you peace dipped in love from the West Coast

March 28, 2010 Day 11

This photo holds the sweet sense of celebration we all feel when the  monthly camping trip is behind us and Daddy is home!!  family life is just so much better when we are all reunited.

hugs from muddy Indiana!

love it!!  Wonderful and with that I have one of Rich and Abbie up on the rooftop.  It was windy yesterday which meant it cleared some of the yuck from the sky and they could see L.A. from our rooftop:)

hugs from sunny/windy clear for the moment Cali



March 27, 2010 Day 10

Well, I should have known we were gonna have a good day when I stumbled through the kitchen doorway with my 1st cup of coffee in hand, and spied this lovely sunlight gifted rainbow on the floor in front of me! It even lingered long enough for me to grab my camera

The moment….when I walked around the corner and saw Abbie and She-fu at the tub;)  I laugh because although our similar moments do not happen on the same day always they do match up.

March 26, 2010 Day 9

So now, for me, it feels like an eternity since I snapped this picture…and it was just early this morning! Co-Co was brushing her teeth in a beautiful shaft of morning light, a still moment in the middle of our often hectic mad rush to get the older kiddos off to school.

Hope you had a lovely Friday…and sending wishes for a peaceful w’end
to you and your family…


My mom looked at all your pictures and mine and loved what she saw, she suggested  I take a picture of just my necklace since it means so much to me.  So I did but it looks sort of weird.  I think I will send my necklace picture because, just because:)

Have a wonderful weekend my far away friend

peace to you from Cali