March 31, 2010 – Day 14

Being out in the country all day left me with a deep longing for all that was not meant to be…at least not again, right away. So, to honor my day, I am offering up this  picture of my dearest old neighbor. We called her Daisy (her real name was so funky, I can’t even spell it!)  I could see her from all the windows on the south side of our old house, she was a constant. A calming, beautiful, peace bringing, grass chomping, fun and sometimes feisty friend. She seemed more than happy to pose for the picture today!

Hoping your day was full of sweetness…and maybe rain?

I had a moment of sun this morning but it was so brief I almost missed the picture.  It was another cat picture so I will spare you that moment:)  Instead I will give you a moment of me cooking dinner for tonight.

xoxo lots of love



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