Day 22 April 8, 2010

Hi’ya friend ~

Thank God for lilacs! Starbucks too…: ) It’s been one of those days heading into a completely swamped w’end, and I’m  feeling it! So, my offering today is this picture of a lilac stem E plucked for me when we were leaving Asa’s band concert, with my stack of paperwork and post-it note reminders. Today has been all about phone calls, appointments, school activities, insurance claim phone calls, etc. etc… The lilac flowers (and the Starbucks mocha before the concert!) have been welcome comforts for me today… Hope your day has been full of the people and things that bring you comfort. : )

~ xoxo A.

So my picture today couldn’t be more different than  yours but a reality non the less.  Rich was not busy at work so he came home after we went to lunch together,  he then laid on the hammock and soaked up some sun while he soaked the grass and Dylan joined him, I ran for the camera, it was too cool of a moment not to capture:)

I love that E picked you the lilac, it’s those simple gestures that mean so much.

peace sister



Day 21 April 7, 2010

April 7th, 2010 Day 21

Co-Co picks out her own clothes and I DELIGHT in what she comes up with! So my # 21 is in honor of her choices today!! E’s mama wears gold shoes sometimes too, so I guess Co-Co comes by it naturally!!

Hope your day has been full of light and laughter, my Cali friend. : )
xox ~ A.

Welp, after I looked at your picture and adored it to death I decided what the heck, I’ll grab my broom and camera go into the cleaning zone and take a quick shot for ya.  It’s my reality today.  When I got home from work I wrote on Abbie’s arm Love and she wanted a peace sign then on the other arm she wanted peace, love and joy then she asked if she could write on my arm, that’s why I have Peace and Joy and what is supposed to be a star on my arm, the other arm has love with a peace sign.  I’m gearing up for my real tattoo to see if I really want to look at writing on my arm for the rest of my life:)

Peace sister…it’s almost Friday I can hardly wait to see my boy.

Day 20, April 6, 2010

Why On Earth If Not To Grow

This t-shirt was passed on to me by a good friend, yesterday, as a b-day gift. I put it on immediately, washed it today, and am hoping to wear it again tomorrow! : ) I love the message that much…thought you might like it too.

Wishing you sweetness and gentle growth…: )
xo A.

This is so awesome! I LOVE what is reads and the picture is super cool, you have such a warm smile too.

I can’t believe we have actually pulled this off 20 consecutive days!  Sometimes I can’t even think of what my picture may end up being.  I’m making potato soup right now and taking a break while the baked potatoes cool off.  My picture today is of an afternoon tea (bag)

Take care my Indy friend


Day 19, April 5, 2010

DAY 19 –  APRIL 5, 2010

Today is my birthday. : )

This is my strawberry shortcake just moments from being devoured, in the hands of my love! I am breathing a huge sigh of relief knowing your son and his friends are all okay…today has been full of wonder and celebration @ here. I

love B-Days…


Hi Angela,

How is your Monday?  We got word on the kids in Mexico, they are all safe and they have decided to stay the full duration of the trip.  I feel completely at peace with it.

Today we finally go our April showers but only for a little bit, the sun is shining nice and bright right now.  So my picture for you is of our wet ground and me in my rain boots sending  you some peace:)


It was your birthday yesterday?  Well of course I had no idea until I opened this scrumptious strawberry shortcake! It looked yummy!  I love strawberries I have a big bunch of them right now.  So your birthday is April 5th and mine is just around the corner May 3rd.  We are both spring babies, no wonder we are in such awe of all the pretty spring flowers, new grass, leaves and the new fresh days of spring.