Day 20, April 6, 2010

Why On Earth If Not To Grow

This t-shirt was passed on to me by a good friend, yesterday, as a b-day gift. I put it on immediately, washed it today, and am hoping to wear it again tomorrow! : ) I love the message that much…thought you might like it too.

Wishing you sweetness and gentle growth…: )
xo A.

This is so awesome! I LOVE what is reads and the picture is super cool, you have such a warm smile too.

I can’t believe we have actually pulled this off 20 consecutive days!  Sometimes I can’t even think of what my picture may end up being.  I’m making potato soup right now and taking a break while the baked potatoes cool off.  My picture today is of an afternoon tea (bag)

Take care my Indy friend



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