Day 21 April 7, 2010

April 7th, 2010 Day 21

Co-Co picks out her own clothes and I DELIGHT in what she comes up with! So my # 21 is in honor of her choices today!! E’s mama wears gold shoes sometimes too, so I guess Co-Co comes by it naturally!!

Hope your day has been full of light and laughter, my Cali friend. : )
xox ~ A.

Welp, after I looked at your picture and adored it to death I decided what the heck, I’ll grab my broom and camera go into the cleaning zone and take a quick shot for ya.  It’s my reality today.  When I got home from work I wrote on Abbie’s arm Love and she wanted a peace sign then on the other arm she wanted peace, love and joy then she asked if she could write on my arm, that’s why I have Peace and Joy and what is supposed to be a star on my arm, the other arm has love with a peace sign.  I’m gearing up for my real tattoo to see if I really want to look at writing on my arm for the rest of my life:)

Peace sister…it’s almost Friday I can hardly wait to see my boy.


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