Day 22 April 8, 2010

Hi’ya friend ~

Thank God for lilacs! Starbucks too…: ) It’s been one of those days heading into a completely swamped w’end, and I’m  feeling it! So, my offering today is this picture of a lilac stem E plucked for me when we were leaving Asa’s band concert, with my stack of paperwork and post-it note reminders. Today has been all about phone calls, appointments, school activities, insurance claim phone calls, etc. etc… The lilac flowers (and the Starbucks mocha before the concert!) have been welcome comforts for me today… Hope your day has been full of the people and things that bring you comfort. : )

~ xoxo A.

So my picture today couldn’t be more different than  yours but a reality non the less.  Rich was not busy at work so he came home after we went to lunch together,  he then laid on the hammock and soaked up some sun while he soaked the grass and Dylan joined him, I ran for the camera, it was too cool of a moment not to capture:)

I love that E picked you the lilac, it’s those simple gestures that mean so much.

peace sister



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