Day 44, May 1, 2010 on a Saturday

I can start by saying I do not regret for one second not going away.  I had a wonderful opportunity Saturday to hold my grandpa’s hand and talk to him alone for almost an hour.  We talked about really deep, heavy direct stuff.  It was such a fulfilling conversation.  I cried so much and it’s all part of the process so I have to stop feeling so bad about crying.  My moment for you  44 May Flowers after I brought them in.  My cousin and Aunt have been placing May flowers on my door each May 1st for a few years now.


I am sooo glad you had sweet times this w’end with your grandpa, that’s wonderful.   # 44 is from my trip ( mad dash, really!) to Barnes and Noble with Asa to get something he’s been wanting with a gift cert. he got for his B-Day. I love books…and muddy boots…: )

xoxox ~ A.


Day 43, April 30 2010 on a Friday

Wishing you PEACE…: )

I was dusting the crazy pollen off the cabinet, thinking @ our picture exchange, thinking @ how I had never used my self-timer (on this camera) and well, here’s the result! I had wanted to send you peaceful
wishes through a photo today for your pre-birthday w’end. I hope you feel celebrated and loved no matter what you decide to do!

xoxoxo Love and peace!

a Friday shadow in the backyard


Day 42 April 29, 2010

This week I have been so full of strong emotion, and way off expectations…this is a picture of my reflection in the basement glass. The laundry table is full to over-flowing inside, I am standing barefoot in the rocks with some newly planted flowers on the outside…not really grounded, kinda hovering between have-tos and want -tos…how I want to be, and how I am in the moment ( tense, short with Asa, still a little funky). This photo feels fluid to me somehow…which is how my emotions are…I am holding this week’s beautiful moon’s energy partly responsible!

Wishing you peace…
Love ~ A.

How was your day today?  Mine went pretty quick.  I made appointment last week when the boys got their hair cut I decided to add highlites to my hair for this week.  Today’s moment….me in peace and quiet with hot tea and a good book (Moon under  her feet arrived) so far so good:)  Once I got home we ate junk food on the roof and flew a kite because it’s been really windy around here.  My family made it to the market and picked up the strawberries and yummy four ingredient bread and some avocados.  I get my hair done just around the corner from the market but those highlites take about forever so they did all that while I was getting my hair done.  

Sending our California Love to Indy!

Day 41, April 28, 2010

So many moments today…but, this one feels right! The caterpillar exchange: Gaia giving it  back to Co-Co, who was being super protective of “her” baby. : ) Another treasure found on our walk home from school.

Thought about you, and your birthday boy lots today. Hope it was a grand day!

Much love to you, Cali Mama ~ A.

I love how you have your eyes wide open on your walks home. Gaia has some cool tennis shoes, love the plum color! My moment was of this morning.  My sister-n-law had sent me a letter and enclosed temporary tattoos for the kids so my new 15 year old was putting one on each arm and I took a picture.  All three were putting them on it was kind of funny.  Austin had a great birthday thank you for your thoughts. My sister got in safe, and grandpa is getting worse and worse each day.  They are getting ready for hospice and he is in so much pain. I hate that he is in pain.  My sister-n-law also made Austin his birthday cake and dropped it by.  That made him feel pretty special.  Also my family is urging me to go away Saturday as we had planned so although I have been struggling with that, we may go anyway.  We are not going too far.

 Much love to you as well Indy Mama.  

Day 40 April 27, 2010

Everyone loves getting mail, I know I sure do.  Today my cousin just from a few cities over sent me a letter.  We like to write to each other “REAL” letters and she calls herself Moonspinner from an old movie title she loves.  I’m called Moonchild…we sometimes lovingly refer to Abbie as Moonshadow. Moonspinner makes her own envelopes out of old magazine pages, I love that she is reusing and recycling.  The envelopes are always so cute too.  Today’s moment is, mail!

PEACE and Love and a slice of Quiet I wish upon you and yours


Well. I was gonna send a picture of J,C and G all lined up eating b-fast ( J and C sitting on the cold floor!) watching out the back doors at the wild concrete work, but then I found this fragile, gorgeous, precious robin’s egg shell on the walk home from school… Finding this shell felt like magic. The weather had shifted from rain to gorgeous just in time to walk to gather up the kiddos from school, and the shell was just sparkling in the middle of the road.  I took so many pictures of it in my hand, then decided to be more creative, and it just felt right to place the tiny fragile shell in the crook of my collar bone, a spot I find really beautiful on everybody. It was challenging and fun to take this kind of self-portrait!

Wishing for you to celebrate all the gifts you give to your family,
sweet mama, on your 1st babe’s B-Day!
xox ~ A.

Day 39, April 26 ,2010

I played with that setting you liked tonight, and realized I can do two side by side also, but they have to be two consecutive shots, so not quite like picnick, but still fun! My girl loves to make wishes on dandelions…she blows then all @ our yard! We have more dandelions than grass!!

Love to you ~ A.

I LOVE the wishes!   I have a picture of Abbie blowing a bubble today, I’m going to send it now,  they go together so well:) so crazy!!


Day 38, April 25 2010

#38 Just plain goofiness! Jasper and Chloe played in the rain all w’end long! This picture was from us playing @ before bath time, notice how incredibly dirty Jasper is, and Co-Co had been playing outside in her jammies, and they are soooo muddy! I was trying to soften to the need to bath them again, thought taking a little time to play with my camera would help, and it did, for a skinny minute!

I love the reflection picture of the kids and a slice of you!  I can’t even figure out exactly how you did it but it looks so cool and everyone is having such fun.  I thought is was sort of crazy I took a reflection picture today as well while waiting for my clothes at the mat!  

Have a great week, hoping you found your quiet time with Eric.