Days 23-25 Fri thru Sun April 9-11 2010

Angela is always at the left, I’m always at the right.   These are bits of our e-mail exchanges.  This is when it gets tough for me.  I thank Angela for her love and support during rough times.

23- This moment is another before school, morning sun, shot. We had a little extra time, and Jazz and Co-Co have been enamored with these bubble makers my mama gifted them for Easter! So they started playing at making bubbles in the sweet light, and I snatched up my camera. I kept trying to get a good bubble picture but this bubble wand would only make one bubble at a time! I love the awe on Chloe’s little face…I really love experiencing the magic in the world through their eyes…

24 – We had a great time celebrating my 1st babe’s b-day this w’end. He and his friend Micheal spent their time together hiking in the woods, making fires in the fire pit, collecting pine sap for making native american chewing gum ( : )! I even tried it! Very strange and medicinal tasting, not my favorite!)  nd  using the rest of the pine sap to make these long burning torches…I was included in their projects more than usual, cause I was so fascinated by what they were doing, and it did my heart so good! Asa has always been most at home in the world when in the forest, he is a true nature baby like his mama…It was so nice, with all the pressure he feels by friends experimenting with crazy, insane things, and school pressures, etc. to see him totally at ease and in his element this beautiful w’end. Oh, and he found this gorgeous deer antler in the woods behind our house!! I love that! Felt like a gift from the nature spirits…

25 – Asa, btw, is the boy on the right in the photo, the one with lighter hair. His friend Micheal looks more like he belongs to me!

Hope you’re settling in from your travels this w’end.

~ A.

As always adore your picture both Jazz and Co-Co are so darn adorable and Co-Co is so taken by the bubble and looks like a little sweet angel in the morning light. Yes I agree if we could just always remember to view things through their eyes we would be so much better off.  Here I have attached all three of my days 23 – Friday was my reuniting with Aus, I had Dylan take it and he took the shot out the top of our jeep.  Does it count if someone else takes it?  I think so, it’s a moment and our project is all about moments. 24 -My second picture was our first morning at camp and Rich got up before me and made coffee as usual but in the camping coffee pot and the smell woke me up.  He was actually off on his bike and I sat out on our table which faced the ocean and as the pot sat there I thought…that’s my moment, it was a peaceful moment that’s for sure and I wish I would have taken one without the fire pit peeking out on one side but since I only took one shot, this was it. 25 – My third moment was today, Sunday when we got home I went next door to see the chicks the kids picked out.  Did I already tell you my in-laws let them all get chicks to raise?

Had a wonderful relaxing weekend, lots of great meals with some good old friends and lots of just doing nothing but listening to waves crash.  When I got home I received some especially sad news.  My grandpa has cancer again. He has conquered so much already with cancer beginning when I was a teen but this time they think it’s throughout his body.  I’m so sad and I have cried some tonight while by  myself. It’s hard to imagine the world without him. If it’s his time this time, I just pray he is not in pain and it happens quick, if not a miracle so he can be with us a little longer.  One of my moments this year may be very sad.

So did I understand correct, Asa will be 14? I had no idea he was close to my oldest boys age?  I’m still getting to know you, I have not seen a picture of Asa. Austin will be 15 this month.

Lots of Love
Your friend from the West Coast

Welcome back!
I first want to say I am sorry to hear the news @ your grandpa and the cancer returning, I will pray without ceasing for him to not be in pain during this journey to wellness, or release…and for you to be
surrounded by love.


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