Day 27 April 13, 2010

While in my garden today I saw some flowers almost ready to bloom and someday become lemons. I took a picture for you.  I wonder how long I will feel like this, I’m tired from crying here or there today and I’m not ready for goodbyes.  I know mostly life is good but when these things happen it sucks, cancer sucks.

Although I’m down and tired, I still love taking a moment to take a picture of something beautiful and happy in my life to send to you my new friend from across the way.

Peace sister


Yes, cancer sucks. Be gentle with yourself, extra tenderness is in order, you are working with the angels to help bring your grandpa peace…that’s huge, exhausting work.

This is the first butterfly I’ve seen this year, and on my lilac bush!! Jasper spotted this beauty a couple days ago, told me about it, and this morning I caught my first glimpse! I was on my way to the compost pile, ran in, grabbed my camera, shot two photos and then, she flew off…

Sending you hopes for restorative rest.
xoxoxo ~ A.


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