Day 29, April 15, 2010

Day 29, April 15, 2010

Today I needed clothesline therapy! I was overheated, tired and cranky (it’s been @ 86 degrees for the
past couple days, which is really crazy for Indiana in April, and hanging clothes on the line is so full of sweetness for me…The memories I associate with it are of being with my grandma and playing
in the wet clothes while she hung the wash on hot summer mornings…the sensual feeling of the wet fabric, cool and refreshing, the warmth of the sun, the birdsong, and especially, the way the clothes and sheets smell after drying in the breeze and heat all day!

Peace and love and rest : ) ~ A.

Sometimes I pick my pictures based on your shot for the day and today since you gave me such happy colors I decided to pick my picture from the farmers market this evening.  I was only walking by and shot one picture of the lovely flowers.   However I had some wonderful moments today.  My mom came by and she sat on the kitchen floor with Dylan and Abbie as they played go fish, I heard them laughing so hard and it blessed me so much, I took a shot of that.  Also my wonderful sister-n-law Sarah stopped by today and she wanted to wash my feet and also rub my legs and feet because she herself is not a Mama but she knows how busy my life seems and figured it would be nice to give me a quiet moment.

I wish you lots of rest my friend, I send energy your way!




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