Day 32, April 18, 2010

# 32 ~ me in my tulip garden. My mama and Gaia and I LOVE to garden together. We spent so much time planting, scooping compost ( from the wormy pile! : ) ), hauling sticks, turning soil…being together… I hope your days held you in the sweetness of your family this w’end! can’t wait to connect with you and see your glimpses!

xoxox ~ from your contented Indiana friend!

32 – Then there is today, you in your garden with beautiful spring tulips and me sitting here thinking about time and seasons and how quickly they go, so I decided to take a picture of one of my clocks. I think it so cool how we both took the shot with the main object being set off to the left of the frame. Great minds do think alike:)

I’m happy to hear you had a relaxing weekend and some quality time with your Mama and oldest daughter in your garden.





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