Day 33, April 19, 2010

Today my picture holds more of a meaning than an artful shot.  We are really broke, as we normally seem to be, either negative or barely getting by and for sure check to check.  So today part of our tax return arrived:)  I clipped it to our bill basket on the wall and took a picture of my butterfly and if you look close you can see the statue of Liberty off to the side on the check.  We more than needed that money, I can breath for a little bit now;) I can also pay back a loan.

LOVE and PEACE to you and yours


I have had your words/thoughts/photos from yesterday in my heart and head all day. I chose this picture to honor the feelings I felt looking at our pictures, coupled with your thoughts about the passage of time
(so nicely illustrated with your clock photo). These petals, just last week, were filling the crabapple tree in our backyard  with the most beautiful expression of spring’s flowering…now, they have fallen…and are surrendering with beauty and grace to the passage of time. Somehow I think they go with your  butterfly and tax check relief, too. : ) It’s all a big cycle…from flower to compost…from times of need, to times of relief…and around again, and again.

Love ~ A.



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