Day 34, April 20, 2010

This is the sweet, fertile,  rich soil I found in my compost pile ( under the wormy decomposing stuff!) with my dear Ellie resting in the background. Ellie is our shelter lab, she has been in our family for @ seven years, thought it was time for you to meet her! : ) I think Ellie’s restful pose speaks well of this moment. I was feeling the quiet green all around, Co-Co was swinging peacefully, I had a lot of gratitude in my heart for the enriched soil, the growing gardens, the time to tend to these joys that fulfill me so much…

Sending hopes for the things that sustain you to be with you today ~
Love, A.

Your soil looks so amazing!  Good job Mama! Nice to meet Ellie, I had no idea you had a dog.  Labs are such great family dogs.

We got a little shower today so I took a shot out my back slider, Austin liked it the best out of all todays shots.  You can make out our blurry restful hammock in the background:)

Taker care tonight, I’m staying home to rest and take a hot bath, no study for me tonight – I’m tired and my back is achy.



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