Day 36, April 22, 2010

Late yesterday evening Gaia saved this dear little bunny from certain harm by a neighborhood cat, we all fell head over heels in love with it, instantly! This morning I called a local rescue called Wild Care and they said they could rehabilitate it and then set it free back out in nature, so this shot is the beginning of our day long goodbye. ( I decided to wait to take it to the rescue till after school so Jazz and Gaia could
come along too.) We also visited with my dear old friend who recently had a “surprise” baby…delicious little thing…baby bunnies, baby Theo…be still my heart today…

Hope you had a day full of delicious little things ( I’m thinking
Abbie and her classmates!!)

xoxo ~ A.

Oh my goodness Angela, this picture is so precious!  Co-Co is so tender with the baby bunny, it’s  wonderful.  Also funny because I have no picture that would compare to this moment today, my moments were all wild and crazy at the museum! I had my Abbie and two of her friends in my little group and we had a great time, they even did jumps for me and it seems we were always ahead of the crowds.

Hoping your big boys have some awesome bonding time while in nature this weekend and you Mama get some rest and nice quality time with your others.  Catch you Sunday, I will do the same, save up my moments.  I’m visiting grandpa again tomorrow.

 lots of LOVE



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