Day 37 – April 24, 2010

#37 Before E left with Asa for the boy scout camping trip (soggy camping trip) he spent the morning Sat. working on setting the footers for our longed for back porch project. We’re hoping to have a porch by sometime this summer! He was looking so dear to me, and I was already missing him just knowing that he was gonna be gone for the whole night, so I snatched up my camera mid-sentence, and just snapped, this is what I got. I wish I could have gotten him when he wasn’t by the big green tarp, but, as you’ve said, : ) it was the moment!

Blessings to you from soggy, cranky Indiana!
xox ~ A.

I really, really like that green tarp in the corner:)  Super cool picture of your man, love the tool in the pocket. Can’t wait to see the porch, huge fan of them:)  Looks like my Shefu is stalking him!  My picture is our cat in the grass, we were having coffee in the morning on our back patio and she is learning our yard.

Xoxox T


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