Day 40 April 27, 2010

Everyone loves getting mail, I know I sure do.  Today my cousin just from a few cities over sent me a letter.  We like to write to each other “REAL” letters and she calls herself Moonspinner from an old movie title she loves.  I’m called Moonchild…we sometimes lovingly refer to Abbie as Moonshadow. Moonspinner makes her own envelopes out of old magazine pages, I love that she is reusing and recycling.  The envelopes are always so cute too.  Today’s moment is, mail!

PEACE and Love and a slice of Quiet I wish upon you and yours


Well. I was gonna send a picture of J,C and G all lined up eating b-fast ( J and C sitting on the cold floor!) watching out the back doors at the wild concrete work, but then I found this fragile, gorgeous, precious robin’s egg shell on the walk home from school… Finding this shell felt like magic. The weather had shifted from rain to gorgeous just in time to walk to gather up the kiddos from school, and the shell was just sparkling in the middle of the road.  I took so many pictures of it in my hand, then decided to be more creative, and it just felt right to place the tiny fragile shell in the crook of my collar bone, a spot I find really beautiful on everybody. It was challenging and fun to take this kind of self-portrait!

Wishing for you to celebrate all the gifts you give to your family,
sweet mama, on your 1st babe’s B-Day!
xox ~ A.


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