Day 41, April 28, 2010

So many moments today…but, this one feels right! The caterpillar exchange: Gaia giving it  back to Co-Co, who was being super protective of “her” baby. : ) Another treasure found on our walk home from school.

Thought about you, and your birthday boy lots today. Hope it was a grand day!

Much love to you, Cali Mama ~ A.

I love how you have your eyes wide open on your walks home. Gaia has some cool tennis shoes, love the plum color! My moment was of this morning.  My sister-n-law had sent me a letter and enclosed temporary tattoos for the kids so my new 15 year old was putting one on each arm and I took a picture.  All three were putting them on it was kind of funny.  Austin had a great birthday thank you for your thoughts. My sister got in safe, and grandpa is getting worse and worse each day.  They are getting ready for hospice and he is in so much pain. I hate that he is in pain.  My sister-n-law also made Austin his birthday cake and dropped it by.  That made him feel pretty special.  Also my family is urging me to go away Saturday as we had planned so although I have been struggling with that, we may go anyway.  We are not going too far.

 Much love to you as well Indy Mama.  


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