Day 42 April 29, 2010

This week I have been so full of strong emotion, and way off expectations…this is a picture of my reflection in the basement glass. The laundry table is full to over-flowing inside, I am standing barefoot in the rocks with some newly planted flowers on the outside…not really grounded, kinda hovering between have-tos and want -tos…how I want to be, and how I am in the moment ( tense, short with Asa, still a little funky). This photo feels fluid to me somehow…which is how my emotions are…I am holding this week’s beautiful moon’s energy partly responsible!

Wishing you peace…
Love ~ A.

How was your day today?  Mine went pretty quick.  I made appointment last week when the boys got their hair cut I decided to add highlites to my hair for this week.  Today’s moment….me in peace and quiet with hot tea and a good book (Moon under  her feet arrived) so far so good:)  Once I got home we ate junk food on the roof and flew a kite because it’s been really windy around here.  My family made it to the market and picked up the strawberries and yummy four ingredient bread and some avocados.  I get my hair done just around the corner from the market but those highlites take about forever so they did all that while I was getting my hair done.  

Sending our California Love to Indy!


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