Day 44, May 1, 2010 on a Saturday

I can start by saying I do not regret for one second not going away.  I had a wonderful opportunity Saturday to hold my grandpa’s hand and talk to him alone for almost an hour.  We talked about really deep, heavy direct stuff.  It was such a fulfilling conversation.  I cried so much and it’s all part of the process so I have to stop feeling so bad about crying.  My moment for you  44 May Flowers after I brought them in.  My cousin and Aunt have been placing May flowers on my door each May 1st for a few years now.


I am sooo glad you had sweet times this w’end with your grandpa, that’s wonderful.   # 44 is from my trip ( mad dash, really!) to Barnes and Noble with Asa to get something he’s been wanting with a gift cert. he got for his B-Day. I love books…and muddy boots…: )

xoxox ~ A.


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