Day 37 – April 24, 2010

#37 Before E left with Asa for the boy scout camping trip (soggy camping trip) he spent the morning Sat. working on setting the footers for our longed for back porch project. We’re hoping to have a porch by sometime this summer! He was looking so dear to me, and I was already missing him just knowing that he was gonna be gone for the whole night, so I snatched up my camera mid-sentence, and just snapped, this is what I got. I wish I could have gotten him when he wasn’t by the big green tarp, but, as you’ve said, : ) it was the moment!

Blessings to you from soggy, cranky Indiana!
xox ~ A.

I really, really like that green tarp in the corner:)  Super cool picture of your man, love the tool in the pocket. Can’t wait to see the porch, huge fan of them:)  Looks like my Shefu is stalking him!  My picture is our cat in the grass, we were having coffee in the morning on our back patio and she is learning our yard.

Xoxox T


Day 36, April 22, 2010

Late yesterday evening Gaia saved this dear little bunny from certain harm by a neighborhood cat, we all fell head over heels in love with it, instantly! This morning I called a local rescue called Wild Care and they said they could rehabilitate it and then set it free back out in nature, so this shot is the beginning of our day long goodbye. ( I decided to wait to take it to the rescue till after school so Jazz and Gaia could
come along too.) We also visited with my dear old friend who recently had a “surprise” baby…delicious little thing…baby bunnies, baby Theo…be still my heart today…

Hope you had a day full of delicious little things ( I’m thinking
Abbie and her classmates!!)

xoxo ~ A.

Oh my goodness Angela, this picture is so precious!  Co-Co is so tender with the baby bunny, it’s  wonderful.  Also funny because I have no picture that would compare to this moment today, my moments were all wild and crazy at the museum! I had my Abbie and two of her friends in my little group and we had a great time, they even did jumps for me and it seems we were always ahead of the crowds.

Hoping your big boys have some awesome bonding time while in nature this weekend and you Mama get some rest and nice quality time with your others.  Catch you Sunday, I will do the same, save up my moments.  I’m visiting grandpa again tomorrow.

 lots of LOVE


Day 35, April 21, 2010

This evening I was saved by lemon scones…: ) After a long day keeping up with Co-Co and little Ezra I was super tired by early evening, then the grey skies rolled…I needed a coffee break, and I needed a warm scone! I giggled when I saw your picture from last night, cause grey, chilly weather =”s baking time for me,  too! I love it that your big fella was the one baking, and chocolate…yum!

Love from here…~ A.

I really adore the lemon heart.  Dylan made the moment, hair cut.  That’s it that’s all I have for you today:)  He loves his new haircut.

Much Love


Day 34, April 20, 2010

This is the sweet, fertile,  rich soil I found in my compost pile ( under the wormy decomposing stuff!) with my dear Ellie resting in the background. Ellie is our shelter lab, she has been in our family for @ seven years, thought it was time for you to meet her! : ) I think Ellie’s restful pose speaks well of this moment. I was feeling the quiet green all around, Co-Co was swinging peacefully, I had a lot of gratitude in my heart for the enriched soil, the growing gardens, the time to tend to these joys that fulfill me so much…

Sending hopes for the things that sustain you to be with you today ~
Love, A.

Your soil looks so amazing!  Good job Mama! Nice to meet Ellie, I had no idea you had a dog.  Labs are such great family dogs.

We got a little shower today so I took a shot out my back slider, Austin liked it the best out of all todays shots.  You can make out our blurry restful hammock in the background:)

Taker care tonight, I’m staying home to rest and take a hot bath, no study for me tonight – I’m tired and my back is achy.


Day 33, April 19, 2010

Today my picture holds more of a meaning than an artful shot.  We are really broke, as we normally seem to be, either negative or barely getting by and for sure check to check.  So today part of our tax return arrived:)  I clipped it to our bill basket on the wall and took a picture of my butterfly and if you look close you can see the statue of Liberty off to the side on the check.  We more than needed that money, I can breath for a little bit now;) I can also pay back a loan.

LOVE and PEACE to you and yours


I have had your words/thoughts/photos from yesterday in my heart and head all day. I chose this picture to honor the feelings I felt looking at our pictures, coupled with your thoughts about the passage of time
(so nicely illustrated with your clock photo). These petals, just last week, were filling the crabapple tree in our backyard  with the most beautiful expression of spring’s flowering…now, they have fallen…and are surrendering with beauty and grace to the passage of time. Somehow I think they go with your  butterfly and tax check relief, too. : ) It’s all a big cycle…from flower to compost…from times of need, to times of relief…and around again, and again.

Love ~ A.


Day 32, April 18, 2010

# 32 ~ me in my tulip garden. My mama and Gaia and I LOVE to garden together. We spent so much time planting, scooping compost ( from the wormy pile! : ) ), hauling sticks, turning soil…being together… I hope your days held you in the sweetness of your family this w’end! can’t wait to connect with you and see your glimpses!

xoxox ~ from your contented Indiana friend!

32 – Then there is today, you in your garden with beautiful spring tulips and me sitting here thinking about time and seasons and how quickly they go, so I decided to take a picture of one of my clocks. I think it so cool how we both took the shot with the main object being set off to the left of the frame. Great minds do think alike:)

I’m happy to hear you had a relaxing weekend and some quality time with your Mama and oldest daughter in your garden.




Day 31, April 17, 2010

#31 ~ Co-Co w/ her whoopie cushion! She and Jasper spent the entire w’end making raucous sounds, and laughing their little heads off!

31 – Co-Co with her sweet tiny, young hands and the playful whoppie cushion it reminds me of how she is at the beginning of her life, enjoying each moment with laughter and playfulness, not a care in the world because she is safe and content. My picture on the other hand represents the end of a life, a life that has already created and lived memory after memory. I had the privilege of spending time with my grandpa on Saturday.