Day 46, May 3. 2010 one year ago today

My # 46 is in honor of this blessed day! Happy Birthday kind friend!! Hope you are feeling so much love today…Sending lots of Love from Indiana ~ xoxoxo A.

Day 46 – My birthday, Rich made me a breakfast and he is so sweet, I like my eggs runny and he tried so hard to make them  that way but as you can see it didn’t really work out for him but I loved the breakfast anyway

Thank you for sending your tender moment and perfect words.  I have been at my grandpa’s bedside since Monday.  Monday he went into another phase and my mom, sister and grandma were afraid and called me to come.  I have been here since.  I have had my camera with me through this, sounds weird but I do have a moment from each day starting with my birthday so I will post when I get home. I just wanted you to know we are hanging in here and I appreciate your prayers, kind words and thoughts.

Much love, last Saturday was a gift for me when I had my last conversation with grandpa, he gave me so many words of wisdom.  My favorite thing he said was “Love Always Prevails”

I plan on staying here until he passes.  Today they begin the morphine, in a way it’s like what you used to do bringing babies into the world, I’m helping someone leave.

Peace to you Indy friend




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