day 49, may 6 one year ago today

# 49 is a funky mix of reflections and shadows. Co-Co and I went to meet a dear friend (she is also our midwife) for lunch, or so we thought! She had our date down for next Thurs., so when Chloe and I were waiting we passed the time by coloring sprawled out on the sidewalk and taking goofy pictures! I will wait to post Fri., Sat., and Sun. till Sun. night or Mon. morning, okay? : ) My mom is coming for the w’end, and I know how full your heart is, I don’t mean in any way to distract from the amazing soul work you are tending too…I am hoping that my little moments are giving you a moment’s sweetness. : )

Always thinking of you and your family, and sending love…~ A.

Day 49 – The day he passed.  He planted this tree for my grandma, she loves the flowers it blooms.  


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