Day 53, May 10, 2010 one year ago today

# 53  Chloe walked into the house this evening with this sweet little flower for me. She is such a flower lover, and such a flower-gifter! I liked the colors of these simple flowers with the dish sponge and dish soap!

Yesterday (53) Abbie had so much homework so we sat for sometime doing all that junk.  Then since I didn’t make the laundry Sunday I loaded the jeep and Abbie and I went to the Mat.  Before I left I washed my silk (shirt/dress) by hand in the sink and hung it in the back to dry.  We all sat down to watch last weeks Survivor and I looked out our window and saw it flowing in the wind, I grabbed the camera because that was today’s shot:)

 Wishing you a week of happiness, love and laughter.



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