day 54, May 11 2010 one year ago today

Wish it weren’t so dark, but it’s definitely my moment today, carried me through the whole evening! We are sitting on our soon to be porch, imagining what our evening coffee/tea time will be like when the porch is all done…: )

Love and wishes for moments spent relaxing with those you love! ~ A.

I’m in such a rush right now.  I wanted to do this before I leave for practice and Bible study tonight.  I went in the back yard this afternoon to check on the garden, I have flowers for peppers on their way.  They should be yellow bell peppers if everything goes alright.  I have been so busy today it’s unreal.  I even fit in the gym after work and before I got home, made an eye appointment for Aus, stopped at the cleaners for Rich, mom, grandma and sister came by for a short visit because my sister goes back to France tomorrow. Hope your day was a good Mom day not too stressy.

 I feel like my head is spinning

 Sending lots of love



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