day 55, may 12, 2010 a year ago today

I had another photo in mind from earlier today, but when I  went upstairs to knit for a minute, I felt so calmed just from the feel of the needles in my hands and then the butter yellow yarn fell onto the floor when I went to tuck Gaia in (for the 3rd time!) and I liked the look, it reminded me of the hidden gifts this wild day has held. I woke up to Jazz showing me where he had vomited in the middle of the night (poor baby, we all slept right through it, himself included!) and the rain was coming down in buckets…but, instead of this day being full up with challenges, the rain and sickness (Jazz was all better after his rough night, but I kept him home from school, just in case)  brought a much needed slow-down, and a letting go of have-tos, which was such a blessing!

Thank you for the kind wishes from your earlier e-mail, I managed to sneak in a few seconds for tea on the soon-to-be porch with my dear Eric!

Lots of love from wet and soggy Indiana ~ A.

So amazing to think it’s raining buckets where you live.  It’s been very sunny here and a little hot in the afternoon.  It’s not so easy to take pictures at the market I know, my few a while back were super quick snap shots because it did feel a little strange.  Gosh sorry to hear about little Jazz.  Austin’s appointment was good, no bad news all part of the way his skull has fused together and nothing to worry about.  I love that you know how to knit, that’s such an awesome gift to have.   I also like how you saw your moment, it’s so real and I love those moments best.  My moment is Austin and I in the elevator leaving the doctors office.  

 Lots of love to you and your family…and oh since it’s not really Thursday we will be doing that market tomorrow;)

 PEACE to you



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