Day 56, May 13, 2010 one year ago today

well, friend…it’s been another crazy day and I have four quiches and two dozen muffins to bake yet tonight, and it’s already 9:30 here. I am making breakfast for the teachers @ Gaia and Jasper’s school for teacher appreciation week, and I’m a little bit over it! I already contributed six dozen various cookies to Asa’s school events earlier in the week (remember the stuck  macaroons?!) Anyway…this photo is last minute, and it’s my prayer made visual…I am hoping to cultivate inner calm and peace, so I can give my best to the food I am about to prepare…wish me luck, quiche is not so easy for me! : )

I really loved the photo you sent of you and Austin! What a handsome fella he is, and with such a lovely mama! I am glad you had your camera with you, what a neat perspective in the elevator!!

Wishing you peace and calm, too…couldn’t we all use just a bit more all the time?!

LOVE ~~ A.

 Angela, you are a SUPER STAR, amazing that you are making such nice things to contribute for the teacher breakfast.  We had our teacher appreciation week, last week and I was gone so Rich had to figure it out (lol)  He didn’t have to bake any quiches or muffins though!  I love your prayer made visual, it’s so warm and so inviting and really pretty.  We have one of those birds too!  I had seen it in an earlier photo, the one you sent with your dream board in the background and the daffodils, I had noticed it off in the corner and was excited because we have one of those song birds too.  You may have seen ours from Sunday, I think it was sitting on my patio table, it MOVES.  Abbie especially love to fill it with water and blow on it and take it from place to place around here.

 My picture includes Austin again.  My 15 year old son rode his bike to school this morning and of course came home the same way but he didn’t ride home he walked his bike and along the way he picked a BEAUTIFUL bunch of flowers for me.  It made my day, they are so pretty too.  He made ME feel SPECIAL.

 Peace be with you tonight as you bake, the aroma of that homemade food will fill your home and you will feel so cozy as you look at your visual prayer tonight.  Tomorrow as all the teachers enjoy  your homemade goodness, it will feel all worth it.



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