day 57, May 14, 2010 a year ago yesterday

57 – This is on our walk to the school carnival, Chloe was booking it to
catch up with her daddy after stopping to smell some wild roses. : )
Eric and Chloe have grown so close since she started reading with him
and Jasper every night before sleep, she told me today that her daddy
is her bestest friend, this picture is to honor that moment.

Today was so gloriously beautiful. Especially after all the rainy grey
days we’ve had, it was grey and chilly when we woke this morning with
chances of showers all day…but really, by 10:30 or so, it was just
gorgeous! I love it when that happens!

I will leave you with a wish for a wonderful, beautiful and blessed w’end!

I think my family appreciates me needing a little less time on the
computer for the w’ends, and I bet yours does too, so how’s about we
catch up on Mon. with our w’end shots? : )

Much love to you ~ A.

This picture is so great!  Co-Co catching up with her Daddy and Eric looking so pleased with this.  Nothing better than to be your little girls bestest friend!  I also love how green and lush it looks your way.  Today I was sitting under a tree at soccer practice and happened to look up and noticed these shoes in the trees.  I have never seen them before!

 Yep completely agree catch up with you on Monday:)

Hope your weekend is blessed with lots of family memories and love



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