day 59, May 16, 2010 one year ago today

Hi Angela, 

I’m a little proud of us for keeping this up so well.  Although this weekend especially yesterday I didn’t get any shot to brag about so just went into my back yard and took a picture of the hammock reflection in a puddle, you can see some power line in there too.  We had such a crazy busy weekend I’m BEAT today.  We were not able to sleep in either Saturday and Sunday and you know you and I both like a little longer to sleep in so by Sunday I felt sort of like a zombie.  It was sports all weekend.  Sat. got up early for Dylan’s away game then headed out even further to watch our nieces play soccer tournaments.  Sunday my other niece from up north was down playing a softball tournament so we got up EARLY and got to her 7:30 a.m. game which also was a few cities away.    I was able to edge in a little nap yesterday with Rich and Abbie but never even got to the Laundromat, so I suppose that will be this afternoon. 

# 59  I ran errands for most of Sun. afternoon. Grocery stores, Target, etc. just trying to get a head start before our new week was in full swing, I stopped to grab a coffee treat. (rain and cold wet grey was calling for a warm sweet mocha!) Well, after I had been home some time I noticed that the mocha had a frown face drawn on the side of the cup!! We laughed and laughed, why I wonder did the coffee
barista put a frown on my coffee?!

Hope you found some pockets of rest in your Monday, sweet friend… I’ll send Mondays shot later tonight, I haven’t even thought of my camera today…grey + list-making leaves me not very motivated to snap pictures! But, I will!! : )

P.S. I’m pretty proud of us, too…really proud actually!
Love to you ~ A.


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