Day 60, May 17, 2010 one year ago today

On this grey rainy Indiana spring day, my little friend Ezra and his mama stopped by with blueberry scones and these beautiful flowers. I thought I’d use photo # 60 to share them with you! I love their contrasting colors so much. I hope you get the rest you need tonight. I think I might blow off more of my list of “should be doing” and watch a movie ~ maybe even with popcorn and chocolate…: )

it would be so fun to be neighbors!

Love and peace to you dear Tracie ~ A.

 #60 Here is todays, the boys helped me narrow it down, they both loved this one way more than the other.  It’s me in my sliding glass door with my can of PEACE tea.  My sister-n-law saw this at Henrys and thought of me and gave it to me as a gift, it tasted GOOD too.  I still have half a can left. I took another picture I’m putting on flickr but this one is the cool one because I like how you can see into my “messy” house and also see the backyard at the same time, reflections, morning light and shadows all loves of mine.                                                                                                          

 BTW we had a little drizzle tonight, maybe got a little touch of your rain:)




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