day 61 may 18, 2010 a year ago today

Today’s picture is a snake rescue on a cold gloomy day! Our dear neighbor Eleanor came over distressed cause she had a blacksnake trapped in some black gardening mesh. Eric, Chloe and I headed right
over and Eric being such a snake-rescuer kind of guy : ) set it free! It was very cold and in shock, moving very slowly, but we decided it seemed like it might be okay! This is not the best picture of it, but
the ONLY one I was able to get of Eric holding it, so decided this photo best captured the moment. One never really knows what a day might hold…: )

Hope your day held lots, and lots of sweetness…

I did not watch a movie with popcorn and chocolate last night, but did read a light-hearted book  another neighbor loaned me (she called it vampire smut! and after reading a little last night, I think that’s a good way to describe it!) silly and fun to get lost in for a little while. : )

Sending you LOVE, friend ~ A.

Gosh brave family you have there Angela, snakes freak me out!  Dylan has a corn snake but it doesn’t mean I really like it, and Austin wants to get a ball python soon.  I like how you say “one never knows what a day might hold”  so true. My sweet friend from the soccer team one of the mom’s knew Rich was at a Dodger game tonight so she invited all of us to have dinner.  How lucky am I, I didn’t even have to cook tonight, what a treat it was.  The moment I’m sharing though is a shot I took just a bit ago, with the moon and our power lines.  We both see the same


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