day 62 may 19, 2011

Today has been wild and sweet…funny when the wildness and sweetness can share one long day! Jasper woke up with a fever, the power went out (for hours!), I had to miss Gaia’s cello concert, Eric rushed in to gift me a lighter (to light a burner on the gas stove) and a coffee, on his lunch hour ~ five minutes after the power was back on, and the coffee was NOT what he ordered ~ a decaf, blah, blah blah kind, not my mocha + an extra shot of espresso!! I appreciated sooo much though his kindness…and I made chai tea instead…and watched Prince Caspian from the Narnia series with my boys this evening when the girls were at the concert with their daddy, and did a little knitting since it was another grey cold day stuck inside with a little fella who just needed me to slow down and be close by. So even though today was nothing like I imagined it might be, it was still a good day. : ) I also hung out behind the lens of my camera a little more than I usually do on grey days today, I got this lucky shot of the butterfly shadow (from a wind chime hanging in the window) all because I was sitting with Jazz on our couch watching the light shift, for a skinny minute the sun actually peeked out from behind all the clouds…

Wishing you a chance this evening to slow down, and for the beauty missed when we’re rushing all around to find you.
xox ~ A.

 Your day yesterday reminds me of what you said the other day “one never knows what a day might hold”  Funny because that little quote can mean really unexpected lovely surprises or surprises that are not so pleasant.  I hate it when the coffee orders go wrong too.  I’m happy to hear though that you were able to sit still with your boys and take note of pretty fleeting shadows.  I WILL ALWAYS LOVE a shadow picture.  I only took three pictures yesterday.  One of watermelon rinds, one of my tea message and one of our dentist appointment none of which were as magical of a moment as you captured:)  So we choose the dreaded dentist.  Abbie has one cavity (money, money, money) thankfully they always let me stretch it out and make payments but it never fails, I pay off one bill and another appointment comes up.  Dylan has NO cavities so that was nice.  

 I hope today to take a few more  pictures.  Wishing you a day to find a little slice of wonder someplace and if I’m lucky I will get to see it through a picture.

 P.S. I had seen the slightly different angle of this shadow picture on fb but I see I got the one with a heart, I love that.

 xoxox T


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