day 63 may 20, 2010 a year ago today

Today, I heard a Greg Brown song that sent my spirit rushing back to my grandparents, this time of year is so saturated with reminders of my favorite memories of them, and their sweet simple heart-nourishing love. Peonies will always remind me of them, their farmhouse had bushes spilling forth with blossoms all spring long from my 1st memories till my last times with them. I think I mentioned that my gram and I were pen pals, well, I have her letters tucked into books, drawers, cabinets, etc : ) and today with my heart so full of her, I found this letter. This is a photo tribute to her and her preciousness to me… I thought of you and your grandpa quite a few times today, and sent love across the miles.
Hope your day was full of wonderful, too…

Love to you sweet Tracie ~ A

I don’t know Greg Brown….so looks like I will have to look him up:)  I really love that you shared a piece of a letter from your grandma, I really like the entire composition of your shot with the flowers in there and everything.  Thank you for your thoughts about me and gramps too.  They are so special our grandparents and we should cherish them as you so obviously do.  I kept thinking mine would just always be here, I’m smarter than that but I’m very optimistic however  have no regrets with my grandpa, I did enjoy our time while he was here.

 Today my moment is Abbie next door with the growing chickens.  She had a friend over and I thought it would be neat to show her the chickens so we went next door after dark and I just love the shot, the quality is grainy because I hate using a flash but the moment is a real moment for sure, no shoe and all.  


tons and tons of love I’m sending your way, my Indy friend



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