day 64, may 21 2010

Well. This is it…my only photo today! Jasper went back to school feeling better and I tore through lots of chores, phone calls, etc. trying to clear some space for a w’end with the big fellas camping, and my mama visiting. Chloe spent some time doing what she loves, making “set-ups”  with her animals. I quickly took this picture hoping to be able to try a few different angles, etc. but she said “only one,

OH MY GOSH ANGELA, I had to write it in caps for the IMPACT!  First of all I just read that you and Eric met when you were also 17 and you also will be celebrating 17 years together in June.  I’m not sure why I trip out each time we have a similar story to our lives but it’s just crazy to me how this keeps happening.  The second crazy thing that happened today for us is, I took two shots this morning both before 7:30 a.m. one was of our purples trees in the neighborhood and the other was Abbie’s littlest pet shop and other little do-dads from her morning bath.  I walked in saw her stuff and grabbed my camera.  I laughed when I opened your picture.  Don’t you just love it when they say “only one mama”  Abbie will tell me that too sometimes


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