day 67 may 24, 2010

I didn’t take many photos today. I was lucky to catch the honeysuckle in the evening light, right after I snapped a couple pictures of it the light disappeared! Do you all have honeysuckle? I’m thinking you must. It’s an invasive plant and I know I am not supposed to love it…but I cherish it! The smell is so divine, and the kiddos like to break the tips off the ends to suck out the little drip of sweet honey. When I step outside the scent wraps around me, it is the scent of early summer here in ol’ Indiana. : )

I am off to check my e-mail and fold laundry… Hope you and your family enjoyed a delicious home grown salad tonight!!

Big Love to you! ~ A.

We don’t have honeysuckle in abundance round here that I know of, I wonder if we could grow it.  You make it sound really cool.  It’s probably much like the morning glory in my backyard (the invasive) part.  People hate the stuff but I find it so pretty, only I can’t eat my morning glory.  It goes MAD though, it will take over the place, but it also makes the place look prettier.

I’m so tired all the time.  I need to go back to my doctors and and get back on the thyroid meds, I’m just way to sluggish all the time.  So today since you were picking your greens this weekend, as I told you we picked our butter lettuce this afternoon.  Dylan wanted to be the main picker because since they have a garden at school and they recently harvested some lettuce he said he knew exactly how to do it.  We had a really nice salad with dinner tonight.  

 Did I already tell you Rich will be in Indiana June 10th thru the 14th or somewhere around there.  His family reunion.  Hey I just remembered you have a short week with wonderful plans in your future!  You will be getting ready for your trip soon. I wonder if you all are last minute packers like us?





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