day 68, may 25, 2010

Chloe still has a high fever, thanks for sending us your sweet healing energies, she is resting now. I also took “real” pictures, two only, this evening when I rushed in from working for Freddy. I am sending the one I took while braiding Gaia’s hair (camera in one hand, braid in other!) it’s a nightly ritual that I usually just rush through trying to get everybody settled in for the night. I am going to pay more attention to the beauty and sweetness of it from now on.

I am so glad your family enjoyed your own salad last night! I really liked the perspective on the shot you took. : ) and, love that Dylanknew just how to harvest it!

I am sending so much love to you, and prayers for the unease in your heart to lift, dear friend.

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~ A.

This braid is magnificent, it’s so thick and beautiful.  My favorite thing you had to say about it was this 

“I am going to pay more attention to the beauty and sweetness of it from now on”   I’m really enjoying how this project  has made us sit still and take things in a little longer, savoring the moments rather than rushing through them.  I know we will still rush from time to time, that’s so expected but more than not we will stop to think.  You are so full of love and non judgment, I knew that about you just from looking through your picture stream on flickr, I could tell you were so real and that’s important to me.  Your words brought tears to my eyes.  I sat in my kitchen about an hour ago thinking, about all the words I had sent and I started to think that you may think I’m crazy so I’m glad you did not it made me sigh with relief when I read your kind words.  I thank you for our across that states one of a kind friendship.  All friendships are different and special for different reasons.  I like that somehow we found each other.  I will try that coconut oil, I will try anything.  Dylan had sever eczema as a baby, his little face would get so raw it was almost oozzy.  I used to feel so terrible for him, lots of oatmeal baths, I had even tried a little of that bagbalm.  Wish I would have known of the coconut oil.  He out grew it did she? I was going to make a trip to our health food store too to see if they have anything.  We have acupuncture right around the corner from my house, funny I have also thought of that for Dylan, I think his eczema turned to server allergies and I often wonder if that could be helped by acupuncture…yep just not to certain of the cost.  I should really look into it instead of wondering so much:)

 The picture for today is the journal writing in the backyard.  It did feel good to write it out, then I laid on our hammock in the sun for a good while, that felt good too.  Still sending healing wishes for sweet Co-Co.  




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