day 69 may 26, 2010

I let the kiddos play in the sprinkler this evening cause it was so sticky hot and also to try and shoo them out of the house so E and I could try and pack, when I went out to check on them this butterfly was circling and circling looking for a spot to land on the warm pavement, it took a few tries, but I finally got her to hold still long enough for this!

Can you even believe the sweetness of our similar pictures…I love it when this happens!

Hope you have wonder filled days, lots of sunshine and peace… Will connect with you when we return (as much as I want to go, I am already looking forward to continuing our daily exchange and tending to my gardens, it’s nice to have things to look forward to when we have to leave the beach!)


 I’m off to a yoga class, I will be doing one each Wednesday thru mid August.  I know you are getting ready for your trip, you may not even see this until you get back.  I know you will have an awesome time, I looked it up, it’s perfect.  

 Today we walked up to the school for muffins with mom’s.  On our way up there are snails all in the sidewalk, Dylan and Abbie call it mission snail save.  They start picking them up and tossing them in the ivy so nobody will step on them and smash them.  That’s our moment:)

 Safe travels my friend.





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