day 104 june 30, 2010

hi friend…good morning from Indiana. : )

I took this photo with you in mind, my beautiful daisy loving friend. Hope you are well today…
It’s been wonderfully cool here the past few days and I feel so much better because of it.

peace to you on this Thursday.  Oh on my picture for you on day 104 is me with my shirt inside out.  I went to work yesterday like this and didn’t notice until I was in discussion with one of our Project Managers about his billing and I glanced down and noticed my shirt was inside out.  Such a mom thing, I know you can relate, I just know it has had to happen to you too,


day 103 june 29, 2010

Ha!!! this is just to make you smile… They had goats at the raspberry farm, this one caught my eye!

Love you, friend! ~ A.

It did make me smile, that’s a cute little fella:)  My moment for you is when Abbie got dropped off by my friend and brought home a little cross stitch my friend got for her, it’s a dolphin cross stitch and a dolphin is Abbie’s favorite animal, she tells me she wants to be a dolphin trainer one day.  I laugh because her nails are all dirty yet you can see her shirt reads princess, I think that’s sort of ironic.

 Day 103 dolphin cross stitch.


day 102 june 28, 2010

This is the only photo I took today. I picked my 1st yellow tomato for lunch…I was playing with my tri-pod, notice both of my hands are in the shot! : )

Hoping peace is at your house…
xoxoxo ~ A.

I’m a bear this week, seem to have a short fuse. I always get so tired too about a week before, tired but then also want things clean so I start doing weird deeper cleaning stuff.  So I laid down for about 30 minutes yesterday and brought my little camera to bed with me. I took a shot of my view from bed and realized my mirrors were really, really dirty.  When I got up from my nap I cleaned those mirror doors and Rich walked in from work and said, oh looks like you will be starting in about a week.  He knows my cycle too.  Although I feel like I just had one so not sure if that’s right, but probably is. 


lots of love and here is to a good day for the both of us.  I’m tired of being so tired.




day 101 june 27, 2010

# 101 ~  Sweet Gaia likes to help with my self portraits. : ) So I snapped this one of her when she was showing me her idea of putting flowers around where I was going to be sitting to try and capture something with the tri-pod. I love how exchanging photos with you has increased my awareness of all things beautiful, and how the BAM group has inspired me to work with the tri-pod!

 Day 101 – today.  I spent most of my day burning dvd’s and so I could delete pictures in my library and make more room, my hard disk is getting too full.  However Rich’s parents had the kids making homemade ice cream so today is Abbie shaking her bag to make her own ice cream.



day 100, june 26, 2010

# 100 ~ Well…I wanted to capture something really grand and celebratory, but, the day was full of preparations for my friend’s wedding, and the actual wedding. Which was outdoors at the most wonderful flower farm, but there was a heat advisory, and we were all completely miserable, dripping sweat and trying to be present!! I din’t take many photos, cause I wasn’t really able to get lost in the beauty cause Jazz and Co-Co were a handful! I did sneak away for a minute to wander the farm and found this angel. She spoke to me with her soft beauty and her flowers…


 Day 100 – Rich’s dad is the best, he is the sweetest man I have met besides Rich.  Basically Rich has an awesome example for a father.  He mowed his front lawn and wrote pink with the mower.  He calls Abbie pink because when she was tiny she just loved the color pink.  He has three other granddaughters from Rich’s brother but Aunt Jenn, their mom HATES pink and wouldn’t let them dress in pink and never dressed her girls in pink.  So when Abbie came along, she was just born girly plus since I had already had two boys I was not against pink whatsoever, so she wore pink and when she got old enough to form her own opinion she also liked the pink, and that got her the nickname, PINK.  



day 99, june 25, 2010

# 99  ~ Feeling pulled back to bed, I snapped this picture of the crumpled sheets and quilt in the mirror, I didn’t really fully wake till I had a long walk after work Fri. evening with Ellie puppy! The heat + humidity really take it’s toll on my physical and emotional well-being! I am happy to say, today is cooler, after last night’s thunderstorm.

Day 99 – shadows in our driveway, they made hearts.  Abbie and her friends like to wear my shoes and walk around in them, they were doing a pretend wedding Friday and I saw their shadows and thought it was so cute.


day 98 june 24, 2010

# 98 Jazz the spazz!!
The lighting is so bad, I hate florescent lighting, but the feeling is there! He absolutely could not contain his energy, this is him after he climbed the back of the chair, just hanging there…at least I had my camera with me…: )

Sending you so much love ~ A.

My moment was at a Sushi bar.  Rich LOVES Sushi, I like it.  We still had no kids last night so we hit the market ALONE, it was weird just like my quiet house yesterday.  We had sushi and a glass of wine, him beer.  But anyway it was the first time we tried this particular place it was pretty inside and had this row of wood planks in the middle of the restaurant.  This is my picture for day 98.