day 80, june 6, 2010

Sun.# 80 Home. I was watering the flowers on the front porch and noticed these gorgeous fallen petals catching some sunlight, then I looked more closely and saw the tiny spider! I was feeling a little melancholy and this image seemed fitting somehow.

I am feeling more settled and here now. Thanks for receiving these moments my sweet hearted friend…i am happy to have the chance to reconnect with you.

Sending Indiana Lovin’ ~ A

Day 80 we went on a family bike ride on this cool man made trail by our  house.  Abbie and I got off to look at these pretty flowers and look what we found?  

 Hope you get back into the groove okay always good to be home but then vacation time is missed  too.  Also while you were away I joined a group on flickr called 52 weeks of BAM, it’s a self portrait per week.  I’m hoping it will help me embrace who I am and not who I think I should be.  It should be interesting anyway.

 Lots of Love your way.  Friday afternoon my husband will be in  your state, wish I was going with him.




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