day 88, june 14, 2010

The daisies are blooming!! This one is just for you. : )

Well, we spent the evening without electricity, so I am late sending this to you! We had some storms (not bad, though we did have a tornado warning) the storms passed, and then the power went out! We were blessed with a double rainbow though…

Hope your reunion with Rich was full of soul satisfying love!
xox ~ A.

Hello beautiful friend,

My last two days pictures are really awful and I’m not fishing for a compliment,  I have been really uninspired.  I thought I was getting better from my hormonal time but I’m still a little on the down slope of the roller coaster. So 88 – was Abbie eating popcorn for her afternoon snack after school.  She drinks most everything out of a wine glass, it feels fancy to her.  She is having her root beer this day.




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