day 89, june 15, 2010

We went black raspberry pickin’ with some neighborhood friends today (before the tornado warning) this is a shot of Jasper’s eager hand reaching for a handful. : ) And, really, we had yet another tornado warning tonight…all’s fine here, though. Didn’t even lose power!

Hoping your day was more mellow than mine! Glad your sweetie is back home…

Love and Peace ~ A.

89- this morning we were all so tired from our late night the airport but it felt so good to wake up and Rich be in the house and to have started our coffee.  He brought me back two Starbucks mugs, one was in Memphis where he had a lay over.  I collect these and have several states.  I also get the cups from different countries because my parents travel all over the world.  I should take a picture and  show you my collection some day.  I don’t really have a spot for them though.  It all started with the L.A. cup Rich picked up for me a few years back, then he got me another L.A. cup when they changed their design again. I have three L.A. cups total and then a bunch more from all around.  Oh, yeah so the picture is of the mugs he brought back for me:)

 Much love to you my Indiana friend, I hope those tornado warnings are all gone!!  Those sirens would freak me out, I have never heard them in person, just seen it in movies.

 peace xoxo


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