day 93, june 19 2010

# 93 Sat. We had lunch uptown with my mama. Chloe and I like to make offerings to the Buddha in the window, this day she stayed and played with him for over 30 minutes while the rest of us finished up our lunches!

93 – We stopped by the man made lake by our house and the kids and Rich fished.  I walked around the lake to find the pure white egret.  Earlier in the day when my girlfriends had stopped by for breakfast we looked up and saw a solid white egret had landed on the peek of my roof.  Now that is MAGIC.  Never in my life had a seen this kind of bird standing tall on my rooftop.  Since I didn’t have my camera with me I missed the shot, but since later in the day we went to where we know one can be found I took a picture there.  I’m sending you a shot of it and also my shadow by the bench in one of my favorite lights of day.  This bird however made my day, it was like a sign although I’m not sure of what?  Since it’s pure white, it felt peaceful and it’s so graceful and quiet and Rich also said it reminds him of a bird that does yoga and since I do yoga it was like a bird like me, he is so silly sometimes


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