day 100, june 26, 2010

# 100 ~ Well…I wanted to capture something really grand and celebratory, but, the day was full of preparations for my friend’s wedding, and the actual wedding. Which was outdoors at the most wonderful flower farm, but there was a heat advisory, and we were all completely miserable, dripping sweat and trying to be present!! I din’t take many photos, cause I wasn’t really able to get lost in the beauty cause Jazz and Co-Co were a handful! I did sneak away for a minute to wander the farm and found this angel. She spoke to me with her soft beauty and her flowers…


 Day 100 – Rich’s dad is the best, he is the sweetest man I have met besides Rich.  Basically Rich has an awesome example for a father.  He mowed his front lawn and wrote pink with the mower.  He calls Abbie pink because when she was tiny she just loved the color pink.  He has three other granddaughters from Rich’s brother but Aunt Jenn, their mom HATES pink and wouldn’t let them dress in pink and never dressed her girls in pink.  So when Abbie came along, she was just born girly plus since I had already had two boys I was not against pink whatsoever, so she wore pink and when she got old enough to form her own opinion she also liked the pink, and that got her the nickname, PINK.  




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