day 97 june 23 , 2010

# 97 ~ Today was so hectic (I know, they all have been lately!) but, this day was no exception! We had two different friends over, to play with Jazz and Asa (which meant pick-up and drop-off) and my old friend came to visit. I was nervous…it’s been so very long, I’ve been funky, I really wanted her to feel welcomed and embraced, but…I was so damn pooped! Oh, I wish I wouldn’t have wasted my time feeling anxious! We fell right into each other, like good friends just do, no matter how far the distance or long the years between visits. This is a silly, goofy shot of the two of us leaving the Mexican restaurant
where we had just enjoyed a relaxing and laughter-filled meal. Maybe one day, we will have the chance to share a meal. : ) I would soooooo love to be able to visit with you someday!

97 Me and Abbie eating our suckers last night on our way home.


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