115 july 11, 2010

115 – yesterday we went to hang out at my parents with my sister and her family,  my brother and my grandma.  Rich has been getting ready to buy a Harley, my dad  has one he has not rode in years so he is going to sell it to Rich.  Rich took  the class and test to get his motorcycle license and now we need to figure  out  how to get a loan and soon he will be the owner of a Harley.  This is our reflection in it. Have a wonderful week, hope you have lots of special moments and it’s not too hot.

# 115 ~ How wild is that, right?!!!!!! I snapped this shot Sun. morning, because I loved the light, and I was so happy to just be having coffee on our unfinished porch with our friend Doug (those are his flip-flopped feet!) I was so tickled when I saw how similar your moment with Rich was to this! : )


114 july 10, 2010

My # 114 ~ I like to try and capture the sweetness shared between kiddos and swing sets! i like Co-Co’s expression.

 114 – Rich and I with our afternoon coffee and a movie (big smile) so nice  just  to sit by him and do nothing.

113 July 9, 2010

Freddy is in the hospital, again. It’s not looking really good for my 92yr. old friend with one kidney…his tired kidney was damaged further by the meds his heart Dr. put him on last week when he had to go to the hospital. We had such a bittersweet, lovely date tonight, that’s what we call it when I visit with him…I posted a picture for the habit group with a Freddy quote tonight…he is such an amazing soul.

Anyway, friend, I took this picture when I was leaving the hospital parking garage.

Hi my friend.  I can’t believe the weekend is over already.  I thought of  your  old friend Freddy lots this weekend, I’m wondering how he is doing?  When  you  mentioned it wasn’t looking good I felt sad. I like how you sent me the words remember, those words are very powerful ones and I like it very much. I just  visited your flickr page and oh my, I love the support we get on flickr,  isn’t  is neat, those two gals in particular seem like extra special people, I like  how  we both have them as contacts:) The quote and beautiful picture are amazing, they go so well together, such a quiet calm moment.

113 – Abbie’s new skirt from the farmers market and her bracelet and shoes,  and  yes her bedroom floor could use some cleaning but it’s our life:)

day 112 july 8, 2010

I am taking a minute to recover from the extreme heat at the lake today, with an iced coffee and photo uploading! Thought I would send your photo now, cause I am going out for a glass of wine with some girlfriends this evening (wish we could go out for a glass of wine! Maybe one day… : ) ) and your sister is coming! I can’t believe you are going to get together again when she lives so very far, far away!! I am excited for you. i hope you all have a wonderful time reconnecting, is she very different from you? I am sending you my sandy beach toes, cause I  remembered you said you liked this quilt, and I wanted you to see that we kinda live on it outside in the summer…and it comes in to grace our beds in the winter. I always like to think that one day when I am an old lady that I will make quilts…

My moment 112 is Abbie and Amelie at In-&Out the best burger place in California.  When they got off the plane from France it’s the first place they wanted to eat so we met them there.


day 111 july 7, 2010

We started our day with a breakfast picnic, and the watermelon made it feel so celebratory! How’s your day been?

Tonight is market night, right? : )

I am sending you a big ol’ hug from Indiana…

xoxoxox ~ A.

I was wondering last night what picture would become 111, I even went out front and took a picture of our flag, I took a picture of my HUGE stuff zucchini for dinner then after dinner Rich said he was taking the boys out for a treat and Abbie was already on a walk with grandma and their two Chinese exchange students which are both boys age 18.  Abbie loves those two boys, they picked American names of Edward and Henry, isn’t that cool? So the house was peaceful, quiet, and all mine!  I decided to clean the dishes then mediate for a few minutes on the kitchen floor.  I took a picture just before I was going to meditate for you.  That’s my moment, a moment to myself:)

july 6, 2010 day 110

# 110 ~ Our neighbor was cleaning her windows today and found this beautiful dragonfly. She brought it over and gave it to my kiddos! It had long since passed away, but the kids delighted in holding it and looking at it’s wonderful beauty…especially Co-Co.

110 Dylan’s snake.  His/Her name is quiksilver and it was feeding time, you don’t want to see that, I don’t think.  The kids all like to watch for some reason though.  That mouse is just so cute and when Rich got a little black one last week it was the cutest mouse ever, I can’t bare to watch. So here is the snake.


day 109 july 5, 2010

#109 ~ Asa has been spending lots of time climbing trees…and I love it more than words can express…

Day 109 – The day we would be leaving Rich and I got up early at 5:00 and drove around for an hour watched the sun come up and enjoyed the air conditioner in the truck and just being together the two of us.

Much love and I hope summer calms for you just a little and you find pockets of peace.  Can’t wait to see what you were up to the last four days.



your friend from the West Coast