day 105 july 1, 2010

Jasper and Asa both had friends sleepover last night, our house was teaming with boy energy…serious tree climbing, fire building, and even sweat lodge making!! So just for the hell of it, we made a fire and had roasted marshmallows for breakfast this morning! Jasper and Co-Co were especially delighted…I love moments when I remember to soften and say…yes! Most times when I give in to one of my kiddos whims, we all end up better for it. It had been a really long time since I’d had roasted marshmallows…I strongly suggest them!!!!  Hard not to smile, when your teeth are stuck together…: )

Wishing you such a joyful w’end with your family…it’s almost here.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo ~ A.

Best part about yesterday is that you all did this for breakfast, I just love that.  They look so excited about their mellows!  I’m a huge fan of marshmallows, HUGE, my grandpa in fact used to call me marshmallow belly with a spring in it because I could eat so many marshmallows and he would even buy me tiny extra ones to put in my cereal when I would stay and visit, we would get count chocula and he would actually buy a bag of tiny marshmallows to add to my cereal, isn’t that insane.  I never forgot it though!  Just like your sweet ones will keep this memory of roasted marshmallow breakfast:)

My 105 is last night, favorite lighting of the day, can’t get enough of the warm orange sun in the evening.  Rich was watering the lawn and I took a shot an got those magic sun orbs.



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