day 111 july 7, 2010

We started our day with a breakfast picnic, and the watermelon made it feel so celebratory! How’s your day been?

Tonight is market night, right? : )

I am sending you a big ol’ hug from Indiana…

xoxoxox ~ A.

I was wondering last night what picture would become 111, I even went out front and took a picture of our flag, I took a picture of my HUGE stuff zucchini for dinner then after dinner Rich said he was taking the boys out for a treat and Abbie was already on a walk with grandma and their two Chinese exchange students which are both boys age 18.  Abbie loves those two boys, they picked American names of Edward and Henry, isn’t that cool? So the house was peaceful, quiet, and all mine!  I decided to clean the dishes then mediate for a few minutes on the kitchen floor.  I took a picture just before I was going to meditate for you.  That’s my moment, a moment to myself:)


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